Black and white sketch of Alameda Housing Authority's main office 

Mission: In partnership with the entire community, the Housing Authority advocates and provides quality, affordable safe housing, encourages self-sufficiency, and strengthens community inclusiveness and diversity in housing.

Message from Executive Director Vanessa Cooper

Dear Residents, Participants and Community Members:

Created in 1940 to meet the housing needs of lower income households within the City, the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda (AHA) serves over 4,000 persons today, including the households who live in the 934 affordable units owned, operated or controlled by AHA.

AHA manages the Section 8 voucher program within the City of Alameda as well as a number of other housing programs on behalf of the City of Alameda, including CDBG and HOME programs.

The section 8 program is an important partnership between private landlords and AHA to provide housing affordability and stability for families, including seniors and persons living with disabilities. Information on the section 8 program is available here.

Over the past year AHA has been actively renovating a number of properties including Anne B. Diament, Independence Plaza and Esperanza. Thank you to our residents and neighbors for their patience during this work – these are much needed improvements to our buildings and we hope you will enjoy them. More information on our properties is available here.

If you are seeking affordable housing, our waitlist openings are advertised on this website. AHA is actively involved in developing new affordable housing in Alameda. For more information visit the Section 8 program

For participants in the Section 8 program or residents in our properties, please contact your Housing Specialist or the Senior Property Manager.

In 2015, AHA will celebrate its 75th anniversary. We hope you will join us – events will be posted on this website. In addition, we expect to have a significant upgrade to our website in the coming year.


Vanessa M. Cooper
Executive Director

Non-Discrimination and Disability Policy (504 Plan)

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