Black and white sketch of Alameda Housing Authority's main office 


Mike Pucci, Executive Director of the Alameda Housing AuthorityMichael T. Pucci is retiring as Executive Director of the Housing Authority (AHA) effective September 30, 2014. He has served the AHA for nearly 20 years.

Mike has been a force of change during his tenure. One of his significant and lasting achievements was to oversee development of the AHA’s Five-Year Strategic Plan. This plan, which was adopted by the Board of Commissioners 14 years ago, incorporated comments from residents, community partners, and staff. His vision and the plan that resulted have evolved over time and continue to guide the AHA to this day.

Financially, Mike has seen the AHA through mostly good, but also bad times. In 2004, the AHA sustained a devastating blow. The federal government addressed its budget shortfall by withholding funds for the Section 8 Voucher Program to the AHA and to housing authorities around the country. These funds were needed to provide housing assistance for voucher holders. Under Mike’s leadership and with some creative thinking, the AHA survived this crisis and, more importantly, no one lost their housing assistance.

Balanced austerity have been the rule since the financial crisis as federal funding worries persists. As a result, the AHA’s financial picture has been much rosier. Mike has recommended many actions to ensure financial stability. One of his most significant recommendations was to replace the federal funding program at Esperanza. Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Esperanza enjoys a budget in the black – it no longer bleeds red ink. Just this year, a new financing plan will provide funding for much needed updates at Esperanza and will ensure this asset survives for many more decades.

Mike’s leadership also has resulted in an expansion of low income housing in Alameda. Several housing complexes were added to the City’s inventory of affordable housing, including China Clipper Plaza, Lincoln House, Sherman Street, Shinsei Gardens, Park Alameda, and Jack Capon Villa. In addition to housing, residents’ other needs also are important to Mike. That’s why he has promoted and helped to support the Alameda Boys’ & Girls’ Club, Midway Shelter, and the Alameda Food Bank.

In 2012, Mike succeeded in gaining the AHA’s independence from the City of Alameda. Though residents may not notice a big difference, indeed a smooth transition was important; it has made the AHA more effective and efficient. Layers of governmental bureaucracy have been eliminated. When a change is needed, such as a budget update, the AHA’s Board of Commissioners can act quickly. This makes for better service for all AHA customers.

Mike Pucci has consistently demonstrated the highest level of personal and professional standards and has served all of Alameda with dedication and excellence. We will remember him fondly, and we applaud his many contributions.