Moving for Current Participants

The Housing Authority of the City of Alameda is currently accepting and absorbing portability participants into the City of Alameda. The only exception to this is for VASH families. Participants holding a VASH voucher should speak with the VA Caseworker about using portability. (VASH is a specific program for Military Veterans.)

How To Move Your Voucher

Moving into the City of Alameda (Porting In)

The first step to moving (with Portability) into the City of Alameda is to contact the current Public Housing Authority and request a portability packet to be sent to the City of Alameda (CA062). Please email the portability packet to ahaportability@alamedahsg.org.

When moving into the City of Alameda, planning ahead will really help—think about the features required or desired in the new home and start researching rents by reviewing the available rentals page:

Also, please review the payment standards page to get a better understanding of available financial assistance here in the City of Alameda:

Moving from the City of Alameda (Porting out)

The first step is to contact the assigned Housing Specialist at AHA. The Housing Specialist will review program rules and regulations to determine if the household is eligible for portability.

If the household is eligible for portability, and once the household tells the Housing Specialist the area the family would like to relocate to, the Housing Specialist will ensure that the proper paperwork is sent to the corresponding Housing Authority.

The Housing Specialist will only send a portability packet to one other agency. If the family changes the area to which the family is relocating, the Housing Specialist will request the return of the paperwork from the first Housing Authority before sending the packet to a second Housing Authority.

In observance of the following holidays, the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda main office (at 701 Atlantic Avenue) will be closed on Memorial Day (May 27th), Juneteenth (June 19th), Independence Day (July 4th).