FAQ Category: Tenant

  • What is a Quality Control HQS inspection?

    AHA is required by HUD to conduct quality control inspections on a percentage of recently inspected units. These means in a small number of cases each year; a section 8 tenant will be inspected twice in short succession.

  • What is a Special HQS inspection?

    A special HQS inspection may be scheduled between the routine HQS inspection to review the quality of the unit. The landlord and tenant, as well as the AHA or Property management company can call for a special inspection.

  • What if I don’t fix the tenant fail items?

    Your Section 8 Housing subsidy is at risk if you do not fix tenant fail items in the timelinerequired. If you need additional help, please contact LifeSTEPS (see list below) Raquel Ellis: (Independence Plaza, Ann B Diament, Littlejohn Commons) Phone Number: 510-306-8033 Email: rellis@lifestepsusa.org Angel Reyes: (Esperanza, China Clipper, Parrot Village & Gardens, Eagle Village,…

  • What happens if my landlord does not fix these items?

    If landlord does not fix the owner cited deficiencies within the 30-day time period, and an extension has not been granted; then the assisted unit will be abated – AHA will stop paying Housing Assistance to the landlord. Landlords can be in abatement status for up to 60 days, before termination of Housing Assistance Payment…

  • Who can I call if I have a question about my failed inspection?

    You can call 510-690-8290

  • How long does the landlord have to fix fail items?

    Some life-threatening safety items are deemed 24 hour fails and your unit will be respected the next day. Written notice is issued to the adult participant, onsite, same day. Additionally, the landlord receives a same day phone call. Other failed items generally need to be fixed within 30 days, including tenant caused fail items. The…

  • How will I know the results?

    You and your landlord will be mailed the results of the inspection.

  • Do I need to be home for the HQS inspection?

    An adult most be present for the inspection. You will be given a 4-hour time slot. If this timeslot does not work for you, please can call 510-690-8290 or email alamedahousing@outsourceitinc.com to rearrange the time

  • How will I get informed of a Routine HQS inspection?

    You will receive a notice in the mail and a reminder call the evening before. Please note it isincumbent on the Section 8 participant to ensure that their contact information is up to datewith the Housing Authority.

  • What are preventative maintenance visits?

    Preventative maintenance visits are scheduled annually to review any maintenance needs inthe unit. These are preemptive visits, designed to assist tenants in passing the annualinspection and to ensure the ongoing quality of the housing. These visits can be rescheduled if the date/time does not work for you. Generally, if the amount of work needed to…