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Housing Development

Welcome to the Housing Development Home Page. Our department handles all Housing Development Projects and Programs funded with public funds in the City of Alameda. We also offer many different programs to assist Alameda residents meet their varied housing needs. There are homeless / at-risk housing referrals to first time homebuyers programs. Please click on the various links on this page to see what we have to offer you.

Section 1 - What's New?

What’s new in Alameda Housing? To learn more about current information and news regarding Alameda housing issues and programs, click here.

Section 2 - Facts and Stats

The City of Alameda has an estimated population of 74,600 persons and 32,100 housing units. Of these units, 53% are single-family homes, 16% are 2–4 unit dwellings, and 30% are multifamily (five+) units. To read more, click here.

Section 3 - Housing Assistance in Alameda

This section deals with assistance for homeowners. It does not deal specifically with Low-income rental assistance. To read more, click here.

Section 4 - Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC)

The Rent Review Advisory Committee (Committee) reviews complaints of significant rental increases, providing a neutral forum for renters and residential property owners to present their views. It evaluates increases, determines whether they are equitable, and, if not, attempts to mediate a resolution acceptable to all parties.

Rent Increase Complaint Form - click here

Section 5 - Projects - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Within the city various public agencies, including the City's Development Services Department and Housing Authority, support and develop projects with the aim of creating and preserving affordable housing in Alameda. The following are examples of some projects assisted by the City. In many cases, the units in these projects are occupied. For further information, please contact the sponsoring agencies.

Section 6 - Housing Element Update - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Housing Element is the City's policy document for meeting all of its housing needs, including housing affordable to low and moderate-income families.

Section 7 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. >.

Section 8 - Community Improvement Commission Database

The following is the Community Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda Affordable Housing Database for May 1, 2013.

Section 9 - Archive

Archived news, notices, documents, reports.

Section 10 - Contact Us

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