Housing Development - Rent Review Advisory Committee (RRAC)

The Rent Review Advisory Committee (Committee) reviews complaints of significant rental increases, providing a neutral forum for renters and residential property owners to present their views.  It evaluates increases, determines whether they are equitable, and, if not, attempts to mediate a resolution acceptable to all parties.  The Committee meets the first Monday of the month (unless a holiday).

The Committee was formed by motion of the City Council in November 1979 upon the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Rent Evaluation Committee.  The Ad Hoc Committee was formed in response to citizens’ complaints to the City Council regarding substantial rental increases.   It is comprised of five volunteer members: two owners, two renters, and one homeowner.  They are appointed for indeterminate terms by the Mayor with confirmation by the City Council. 

To request review and mediation, the renter fills out a Rental Increase Complaint (RIC) form for submission to the Committee.  The front of the RIC asks for a history of the rents, a description of the size of the unit and amenities of the building; the reverse side is for complaints regarding maintenance.  The owner is sent a copy of the form and a letter requesting attendance at the next meeting.  The renter also receives written notice of the meeting.  The Committee's process is voluntary; however, attendance by the property owner is expected to enable the Committee to carry out its role as established by the City Council. Failure to participate in the meeting can result in referral to the Council and adverse publicity for the owner.

Staffing for the Committee is provided by the Housing Development & Programs Division of the Housing Authority (510-747-4316).  Staff answers questions from the public regarding rental increases, sends out complaint forms, takes minutes at the meetings and drafts letters as requested by the Committee.  Staff refers all owner/renter inquiries, not related to rental increases, to ECHO  Fair Housing (888-887-3246) or (510-581-9380).  ECHO Fair Housing is a non-profit agency that provides unbiased advice and mediation services to renters and owners on their rights and responsibilities.

The Committee has had success in establishing communication between owner and renter, and in effecting compromises with regard to rent and maintenance. Through the voluntary cooperation of owners, the Committee has served as an effective alternative to rent control in the City of Alameda.

Rent Increase Complaint Form
Sunshine Ordinance
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